The Power of Receptive Connection

March 2007

by Sandra Zimmer

This past Saturday, I was privileged to speak at the Channel 8 PBS Living Smart Conference for women.  My talk focused on the power of receptive connection and how that makes it easier to communicate with others.  My opportunity to speak at this conference was an example of the very thing I was speaking on.  I was there because of my connection to Myra Logan and Dr. Happy Babish.  Myra and Happy believed in me and urged the Channel 8 program committee to include me.  Without a connection to these two wonderful women, I would not have been able to share my message at this conference.

Connection is a two-way exchange of attention and energy.  It is the inner freedom to give attention to others and receive attention from others.  When you actually connect, there is an exchange of spiritual energy that feels good.

As I shared in my talk, the reason connection is so important is that everything in life runs off of connection.  Nothing happens without connection.  Connection happens on three levels.  Connection to Self, with Others and with Spirit.

Connection to self first is important.  It gives you a sense of confidence and knowing who you are.  You can feel what you feel and think what you think and express who you are.

Connection to others allows success in life.   When you open to receive others it allows a stream of love, support, money and opportunities. We can say that all things come from God, but they come from God through other human beings.  In the case of my speaking at Living Smart conference, the opportunity came through Myra and Happy.

Connection to Spirit propels you to your highest potential.

No matter who you are or what you do, the ability to connect is an essential ingredient to success.  The ability to make connection easily opens all kinds of possibilities –

for creating relationships, for sales and doing business, for leading groups, teams, families and for influencing family friends, clients and co-workers.

AND on top of all that, the ability to connect makes life FUN!  It is fun to walk around in the world and connect with all kinds of people!

A core concept we use at Self-Expression Center to help make connecting easy is receiving the flow of attention from others.  Everyone knows that they should make eye contact, but not many people feel comfortable making deep connection…so they will glance toward others… and not really connect, not really see individuals and not allow themselves to be seen

There is a way to use your eyes that makes it feel safer to connect with individuals and groups. I call it a soft eye focus or soft eyes.  In soft eye focus, you let your eyes go slightly unfocused and soft.  Land your eyes gently on one person at a time, and imagine you drink them in through your eyes.  It is like being a piece of photographic paper, allow the energy of others to come into you and receive the impression of them.

Using soft eyes causes you to see with the eyes of love. You see people with acceptance rather than with judgment.  That feels safer and creates a heart connection with others.

I encourage everyone to learn to engage the power of receptive connection so that you feel free to share your ideas, insights and expertise more fully. 


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