May 2008

by Sandra Zimmer

More and more, I believe that the secret to success in life and in business is “receiving.” What does receiving have to do with success? Everything! To receive is to take in something or someone with acceptance.  It is to experience whatever life brings with no judgment and no separation. Open yourself to receive and all possibilities are open to you.  All things come from God but they come through other human beings. When we place ourselves in a receiving attitude, we open the door for all of life to supply us with everything we want and need.

The trick to receiving is humility. Receiving is the aspect of the creation process that humbles us. To receive, we have to let other people be the givers.  And that means we are not in control.  I think the reason many people do not succeed is that they do not want to give up control.  To receive feels very humiliating. Receiving places you in small-child feelings.  It triggers you back to being a child and how scary it was to receive from parents who were not perfectly loving.

My experience is that to open myself to receiving, I have to allow myself to feel small, not in control and a bit humiliated.  But the bad feelings do not last long.  Right behind the humiliation is an amazing JOY and delight at how others support me and what they bring to me. 

If you are a salesperson (and aren’t we all), you must be open to receive your customers. Customers can sense if you are there for them or if you just want to get something from them.  The salesman who is receiving customers is really able to serve the customers. He draws customers to him by attraction.

If you are an executive or boss, you must receive your employees.  If you don’t receive them, they bump up against your hard energy and don’t feel safe with you, and can’t trust you.  If you receive your employees, they feel seen and heard and will give you their best.

If you are a performer, actor, singer, or musician, you must receive your audience in order to be a star.  If you are protecting yourself with an invisible barrier, audiences can’t respond to you.  Once you open yourself to receive audiences, you step into the vortex of their group energy and are bathed in love during your performance.

If you want to be successful in anything, you have to receive other people and their gifts without creating a barrier.  If you are afraid of others, of their love, rejection or their judgment, then you set up a barrier that holds their opportunities and money away from you as well.  All opportunities and all money come from other people.  Stop judging and start receiving them.


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