You On Video Houston Texas Weekend Workshop: How to Shoot Video and How to Speak on Camera


Presenting On Camera

Showing Up & Being Heard

Do you want to communicate large ideas to large audiences?
Intimidated by video technology?
Holding back for lack of on-camera skills?

Picture yourself totally relaxed and confident on camera, your video presence radiating through the lens to connect with viewers. Imagine yourself delivering important ideas to hundreds even thousands of viewers.

Are you are being pulled into the big flow of media attention or want to jump in voluntarily?

Whether through online video like Skype, Hangout, YouTube, and Vimeo; through corporate communications; or through major television network exposure, presenting on video is fast becoming the medium through which businesses communicate.

Everyone who does business needs to express themselves effectively on video. With a little coaching, you can learn to express yourself authentically and effectively on video.

Let Kenan Branam and Sandra Zimmer lead you through the video production experience where you learn to be in front of and behind the camera. This personalized video coaching program for up to four people teaches you to look good, feel comfortable and craft a compelling video presence for your intended audience.

Video media is a special environment that requires awareness of the whole setting to control your message and your appearance. Just delivering a great message does not assure success. Frankly, not many can appear authentic and believable on video. Sandra and Kenan will guide you step-by-step to feel at ease, be authentic and appear credible in a studio environment when the cameras are rolling. So you can concentrate on sharing your important ideas!

Sandra brings her expertise in transforming stage fright, fear of public speaking, and her experience in front of the camera. From behind the camera, Kenan brings his "good eye", "good ear", and shares his producer/director perspective to your video production.

SCHEDULING - These workshops are often scheduled by request and sometimes offered as a weekend course. Please CONTACT US if you have questions or are interested in scheduling a private or group YOV coaching program.

Who will benefit:

  • Corporate Leaders
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Authors
  • Visionaries
  • People who have important ideas to share
  • People who want to make videos to sell products and services

What you will do in this program:

  • Practice on-camera techniques in a studio setting
  • Craft a 3-minute message
  • Rehearse and shoot your 3-minute message
  • Go home with a video of yourself presenting your messaage

What you will learn in front of the camera:

  • Be present and comfortable in your skin while cameras are rolling
  • Appear warm and positive on camera
  • Use your best video voice to sound strong and resonant
  • Stay focused on your message and your audience
  • Craft simple, clear sound-bites for 3-minute messages
  • Create a list of potential messages for a YouTube video series

What you will learn from behind the camera, through the lens:

  • Develop a director's Good Eye and Good Ear so you know what to pay attention to
  • Staging the scene to support your message
  • Optimize your personal image so you look good on camera
  • Direct the viewer's attention with camera composition
  • Use video lighting and color to emphasize what's important
  • Position microphones so listeners hear your message clearly
  • Learn what equipment you can use for do-it-yourself videos

More from Sandra Zimmer and Kenan Branam

Sandra Zimmer, Self-Expression Center, Houston Texas
Sandra Zimmer

From in front of the camera, Sandra brings her 35 years of expertise in acting, transforming stage fright, fear of public speaking, and speaking on camera.
    Kenan Doyle Branam, Media Consultant & Coach, video producer, director, Houston, Texas
Kenan Branam

From behind the camera, Kenan brings 50 years of producing and directing professional actors, corporate executives, and amateur on-camera presenters to show up and be heard clearly.

Sandra Zimmer with camera

Toasmaster event video still with Bryce Adams
Video - Sandra Zimmer guides a volunteer speaker, Bryce Adams, to Transform Stage Fright Tension & Nerves Live

Bill and Jeff in video class

Sandra and Telling Stories participants applaud a story.
Sandra and Telling Stories participants applaud a story.

“I had to speak in front of about 30 people that were very high ranking in my company and I was applauded. I went around the room prior to speaking and shook hands with each person which helped me to connect with each one of them. That helped me out greatly in my speaking. I feel so wonderful about the experience now and feel like I can move on to do more things. Thanks!!! ”

-- Joan Smith, CPA Shell Oil Company

Tiffani takes her class on a journey.
Tiffani takes her class on a journey.

Speaking group is captivated by a classmate.
Speaking group is captivated by a classmate.

“Sandra, please accept my joy and excitement “the day after“ your weekend Turning stage fright into Dynamic Presence workshop. It was everything I was looking for and more. You have found a way to make it possible for me to find and be with the power that I have. Part way through the workshop I began to feel a presence or strength in my upper abdomen that is still with me. It's solid like a rod or column of a building that supports me, but also has a pure energy quality to it. This presence will be a constant reminder that I can and do connect with others in powerful ways.”

-- B G, Safety & Environmental Specialist

Attorney Michael inspires his classmates.
Attorney Michael inspires his classmates.