Create Your Own Work; Make Your Own Job

December 23, 2010

by Sandra Zimmer

“The Social Network” is a movie which tells a story about how Mark Zuckerberg and friends founded Facebook. In the movie, the President of Harvard says, “Harvard grads think it is better to create a job than to find a job working for someone else.”

This is a philosophy about work that I have always believed in and that I predict will become a trend in 2011. The news media are full of statistics about unemployment, how bad things are in our economy and how hard it is to find a job. Why is everyone stuck on thinking they have to find a job with some company? In every crisis there is opportunity. The opportunity here is for you to create your own work. Make your own job, start your own business.

For the past couple decades, there has been a trend towards information and away from industry in the US. Our advanced society is moving towards sharing information as our primary source of business activity. Daniel Pink, author of A Whole New Mind, says that the jobs that are repetitive and can be mechanized will mostly be shipped to other counties where people will be able to do those jobs for less money.

I have believed for a long time that there comes a time in the evolution of your soul when you become valuable for your service to humanity by sharing your expertise and insight. Your information becomes more valuable because you can help others succeed in their lives.

If you have been laid off from a position you did not really love, ask yourself what you would love to be doing that would 1) be of service to others and 2) earn an income from that service to others. Look for what you know how to do that others will pay for. Figure out how to create a business around your passion and put yourself to work.

Here are a couple of examples from my long list of clients who have created their own jobs. Christine Gust used to be a corporate HR director at Baker Hughes. She also had years of experience with Tai Chi, martial arts and natural health. She had a passion for healthy living and longed to share her ideas with people who were stressed by working in corporate situations. She left Baker Hughes on her own terms and started a business that is a natural approach for thriving at work. Christine says, “Don't wait for the government or a company to create a job for you. Pay attention to where your gifts & talents are needed in the community.”

Let’s be real here. Christine did not manifest her perfect business in a few days. She planned and prepared herself over a few years. She took public speaking classes from me while still at Baker Hughes. Then she began to work towards a Doctor of Naturopathy degree. She set up her business in a location that she loves in Boulder Colorado where people are more open to her ideas. And, she kept taking one step at a time. Today Christine has a successful business that she loves and that she created from her own interests, experience and expertise.

Johnnie Tatum is taking steps towards founding a non-profit and for-profit business. He is a former Director of Radiology who has turned unemployment into the opportunity to do what he feels called to do - to help kids from underprivileged backgrounds to succeed in life. He feels called to this because he survived a very rough childhood in such a background. His business is called Second Chance Outreach. It specializes in re-entry programs that effectively and efficiently work toward achieving a decrease in offender recidivism helping to save lives one person, family and community at a time. The consulting side of his business Second Chance Consulting LLC offers consulting in re-entry programs, law enforcement/ Corrections officer safety training regarding drug and contraband trafficking. He helps to provide and promote a safe environment for officers and inmates from a real life experience.

Entrepreneurship is the Engine for Economic Recovery.
Brad Burke, from Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship says that entrepreneurial companies will play a major role in driving economy growth and recovery from the recession. You can play a part in economic recovery. You can do the same thing that Christine Gust and Johnnie Tatum have done, if you feel called to do so. 2011 is the perfect time to get onboard the train that can transform your life for the better. Make your own job. I did it in 1992. I formed a company that would allow me to share my gifts with other people. There was no business template for a Self-Expression Center. I simply combined my background and training in psychology, metaphysics, acting, voice, communication and teaching to create classes and coaching that would help people transform their ability to express themselves authentically and to be more successful in their lives. It has not always been easy, but it has been fun! It has not always been prosperous but it has always been joyful!

Thanks to all my clients, students, vendors, teachers, friends and family who have supported me throughout the years. Happy New Year! I wish you all work in the world that expresses who you are and that helps others succeed.


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