Giving and Receiving

December 2006

by Sandra Zimmer

At this time each year, we give and receive tangible gifts to show our love.  Giving and receiving attention are also gifts - intangible ones.  Perhaps the most precious gift you can offer to others is the gift of giving your attention and receiving others. 

So many people are hungry for attention.  Giving your attention nourishes and energizes people. When you focus on really seeing a person, you are honoring and acknowledging his being.  You are telling him in an unspoken way that he is important and valuable. Your focus of attention invites the person to open up to more aliveness, creating a human response that is exciting to him.  Emotional/spiritual energy is stimulated to flow in his body. Now, that person may or may not be able to fully respond to your attention, but you can be sure that you have energized him internally with your gift of attention.

Receiving also is a gift.  When you open yourself to receive others, you give them an even more powerful gift of your love and attention.  Receiving is the richest way of connecting with others.  When you receive, you take in energy and love from others.  The experience of receiving dissolves distance and separation, creating the sense of oneness that is spoken of by all religions and spiritual practices.  How could there be a better gift?

I honestly think that learning to receive is a universal key to life. 

Want to be more successful?  Make more sales?  Influence others?  Learn to receive others. 

Want to experience more love?  Create a relationship?  Enhance the one you have?  Learn to receive love. 

Want to make a difference?  Contribute to humanity?  Learn to receive the opportunities that life presents. 

Want to know God, Soul, Spirit?  Open yourself to receive Spirit.

Take a little time this season to slow down…breathe ahhh… and open to receive others wherever you are.  Watch them light up in just a few seconds because you gave your attention and received theirs in return.  And, be amazed at the opportunities that come to you in the oddest ways because you are open to receive!

This Holiday Season, we at the Self-Expression Center want to wish you and your family a joyful time of giving...and receiving all the good that God has for you.     


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