Plant Seeds of Potential in Your Ground of Being

October 2006

by Sandra Zimmer

A seed is unexpressed potential.  You are a seed of potential.  What is your potential?  What are the possibilities in your life that have not yet come to fruition?

In order for a seed to grow, it must be rooted in the ground and given the right conditions of nurturance.  Self-Expression Center provides a fertile ground and some nurturing conditions for people to unfold to their own potential.

One of the techniques we teach is an exercise that grounds you in your own body.  Your body provides a ground of being in which your soul can live and through which it can express.  Grounding is a way of relaxing down into your body so that you feel strong, solid and safe inside your own skin.  Grounding relaxes you and roots you into your own physical body. 

Grounding in your body has remarkable benefits for improving communication and expression.  When you are grounded, it is much easier to connect and to communicate with others.  Self-expression flows more freely and easily in all kinds of situations. So, whether you are speaking, singing, acting, presenting or simply interacting with others, you will feel freer to express when you have grounded yourself.

If you feel that you are not expressing your potential, give us a chance to help you ground yourself into your own body and being.  Consider one of our group programs that guide you through an experiential learning process that connects you with your natural abilities to express and communicate in the world.  Or simply purchase a grounding cd or download that will help you ground your self in a few minutes.



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