Accolades from Acting Students

Client references say it better than we can!

The Self-Expression Center receives wonderful accolades from acting class students, some of which we are honored to share here. Feel free also to ask for reference letters from those who have taken our acting classes. We have tons of them!

“I have had several friends tell me there has been a big change in my personality, and, even the way I carry myself - I believe they used the word - transformation. I do ‘feel ’different these days. It would probably be more self-confidence that I have with myself and the way I deal/work with daily issues. The self-discovery that unfolds in each class is wondrous. The levels you have set for each class are perfect. I love the way you lead the students through each phase of techniques. They are not over-powering/whelming. It's a freedom - not even freedom, maybe a clear understanding of the process. You are a wonderful teacher! Your classes have opened the door to a part of my soul and I don't think that door can be closed again.”

-- Kathy Competiello

“Sandra, regarding how your approach and your presence have made such a difference vs the approaches I've had with my other two teachers. It has to do with the blend you bring between tapping one's individuality (using who you are and what you have) with technique. You taught us repeatable techniques (grounding, getting into the skin, connecting, authenticity, props, etc) in a way that they were clear and we could replicate ourselves without you right there.

I believe your approach provides a natural progression of learning techniques and skills, while also allowing room for real stuff to emerge having to do with ourselves. You blend dealing-with-things-in-the-moment with following a course syllabus, and it's just the right balance. So there's learning, and there's also discovery. I always left your classes knowing more about good acting, and knowing more about myself.

Your classes are much deeper than what I've had since. It's definitely the self piece which makes yours different. And also, I was a better actor! I performed better. I felt ready to really act if I chose to. I have felt slippery here -- like I don't quite know what I have, what I do well, what I need to work on.”

-- Sue Brightman, Actress and Communication Consultant

“The Self-Expression Center has offered me a creative foundation, which cannot be taught at any other center. With your kind approach, I have been able to seek out other avenues of acting. In January, I will play a small part in a short film that is going to be put on the circuit. I have been notified that I will be given an opportunity to audition for another film part on January 13th. You have been a very strong and wonderful influence on my life and I thank you.”

-- Kay Jellison - Business Owner and Actress

“Fred and I have moved to Baltimore, MD. I wanted to update you on the acting adventures Fred and I are having here in Maryland. Oh, it's been so much fun! I know Fred wrote to you a few months ago that he was in The Little Mermaid and was Bob Cratchit in A Christmas Carol. Since then, we have both been cast in Come Back, Little Sheba at a theater in downtown Baltimore. Fred is the Postman and I am Mrs. Coffman, the German neighbor (have to do an accent...what fun). We are doing the last four performances of that play this weekend.

Meanwhile, I have been in rehearsal for Ray Cooney's My Giddy Aunt. I am playing the two lead roles, which are written to be played by one actor. That means two distinctly different British accents. Sheesh! I have also done a couple of staged readings for the Baltimore Playwrights Festival.

Fred is taking a break after Sheba, because he's done three plays since last summer, but he is working on a monologue for the big audition coming up in April for the Playwright's Festival summer plays.

Sandra, I want to tell you that not a day goes by that I don't think about and use the things you taught me, about making a connection, thinking about what happened before going onstage, etc. I feel that none of this could have happened for me had it not been for your classes. Acting has been my dream since I was five years old and your classes made me believe it was possible for me. I feel privileged to have worked with you. Oh yes, one more thing! A director we have worked with wants to do A Streetcar Named Desire sometime in the next year with me as Stella and Fred as Nick.”

-- Sherri and Fred Brown

“Your approach to acting is one in which you emphasize the power of the ‘connection’. When you are in the moment and connected with a fellow actor, it is truly one of the most powerful feelings that can be experienced. In life, we make connections every day. In the past, I might have questioned these feelings or allowed things like my own insecurities to cause me to shy away from things that typically fall outside my ‘comfort zone’. Now I am able to understand and embrace these connections - and for that, I thank you. ”

-- DaWane Wanek, EVP, Global Sales, Scalable Software, Inc.

“Your classes have really given me the confidence to go out there and audition and be willing to ‘expose’ myself. I know I won't get a part every time I audition, but I do plan to persevere and stick with acting because it is something I truly love. So in this season of gift giving, I wanted to thank you for the best gift I have received this year: the gift of self confidence you have instilled in me.“

-- Terrie Fontenot, Actress and Engineer at DuPont

“Sandra makes it feel safe to act with real feeling!“

-- Eleese Lester, Actress and Acting Teacher

“I have had nine acting teachers. None of them taught me how to just Be onstage. You taught me in the first session!“

-- Susie Basso, Actress