Telephone Client Accolades

Client references say it better than we can!

The Self-Expression receives wonderful accolades from telephone coaching clients and students, some of which we are honored to share here. Feel free also to ask for reference letters from our telephone clients who learned public speaking, acting, singing, communication skills and presentation skills. We have tons of them!

“I'm thrilled to tell you it went great! I don't know how because before my turn to speak I felt the nerves kicking in and everything tightening up. I did the exercise you taught me a couple of times beforehand, and I guess subconsciously I was able to hold it all within. Once I got rolling it was like I didn't want to stop! I even started elaborating over what I had planned to say. Thanks for taking my call so quickly yesterday and for fitting in my coaching session just in time. Really appreciate your help. I'm hoping I have this thing under control now.”

- Jack F. Everestre

“Well, all I can say is, I knocked em dead. After understanding how your method worked in using stage fright, I actually wanted to feel the stage fright, for the extrapunch and emotion it allowed me to put into my singing, and guitar playing. That hoursession on the phone was one of the best investments I have made in a long time.Thank you so much for understanding, my feelings, and teaching me how to USEthem.”

-- Pat McLaughlin

“Thanks for our phone session Thursday. It was wonderful to sense that you could really hear and feel what was happening with my voice and with my presence. It gave me support and security so I could learn and let go more freely. Your feedback was always reinforcing what I do right and encouraging me to trust myself. I could then let more of myself come out easily.”

-- Denise Noel, Actress, Canada

“I have taken a zillion teleclasses. But none of them moved me like Sandra Zimmer's teleclass on stage fright did. Sandra has a unique way of describing what is really happening when we feel stage fright. She also offers a new hopeful; perspective for how to turn this energy into a tool for radiant presentations. Feel free to quote me! ”

-- Val Williams, Master Certified Coach

It's Your Time To Shine: How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking, Develop Authentic Presence and Speak from Your Hear by Sandra Zimmer

It's Your Time To Shine:
How to Overcome Fear of
Public Speaking,
Develop Authentic Presence
and Speak from Your Heart
...the book that has helped thousands transform
stage fright into powerful, authentic presence.