Our Clients In the Spotlight

We're proud of the successes of our clients!


Nicole Zimmer, a playwright student at UH Theater Department was honored during the Texas Educational Theatre Association's PlayFest in Dallas.  Her 10-Minute play entitled "Directions Not Available" was selected from more than 80 submissions from around the state.

Wesley Lichenstein of Bayside Printing Company is a new board member for to The Woodlands Area Economic Development Partnership.  Congrats Wesley!

Bhavani Yetirajam  created a celebration in late June for a group of amateurs come out of their comfort zone to explore their voices and singing.  He came up with a vision of a world where all living beings come alive and sparkle!  Where better to start than with little children.  So he proposes another event on/around labor day to put together a similar celebration for terminally -ill kids with neurological disorder and mental illness.  Bravo! You Go Bhavani!

Jose Alaniz has been doing some talks at church and also prayers right after his Group Speaking course completed.  He shared that his nervousness is almost down to zero.  It was important for Jose to feel like he could participate and speak at his church.  Now he can!

Keith Henson will be speaking at the 2015 PMI Houston Conference on "Effective Leadership Strategies for dealing the Tribal Warfare in Projects."

Kathryn Brown Ramsperger has had a short story entitled "A Rug, A Quilt, A Piano, A Voice" published online at the Forge Literary Journal.  www.forgejournal.com.   Congratulations!

Dr. Himanshu Upadhyaya Vidya has opened a first class driving school in the Houston area called Safeway Driving.

Rashid N. Kapadia is finishing his book Necessary Bridges: Public Speaking and Storytelling for Project Managers and Engineers.  As a longtime engineer and project manager, his mission is to help technical experts to tell their stories to enhance their presentations.

Dorothy Gibbons, CEO and founder of The Rose, was elected as a new member of the board of trustees of the Houston/Gulf Coast Chapter of the American Leadership Forum.  Dorothy continues to amaze with her commitment to community service.

Tony Birsinger presented to 60+ associates in a large meeting at Ecolab.  A colleague said that he nailed it.  His presence on stage was well received by the team and he even brought in a few jokes.

Mary Taylor presented new behavioral health projects to the Memorial Hermann System risk management group (about 30 people).  She said she was able to focus on the audience and began feeling "the flow".  She did not even look at her power point slides-it all came from within.  She actually enjoyed it.

   Congratulations for sharing your talents & gifts with the world!

Casey Davis at the podium

Casey Davis
Salesperson of the Year
Boston Scientific

"Last Wednesday night was one of the most amazing nights of my life! My speech was... life changing for me and for the audience. I was so connected to the group and everyone was connected with me. It was like having strings to everyone. They responded to everything I said. I enjoyed it! It was fun! There were 400 people there including our CEO, VPs and Directors. People were crying and cheering! So many people came up to me afterwards and said they had never heard a speech like mine. The people who knew that I have been terrified in the past were astounded at what I did. My CEO and VP said that I inspired them! Thank you Sandra! You have made a difference in my life!"


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Casey Davis receiving award