Our Clients In the Spotlight

We're proud of the successes of our clients!

Kelly Smith, professional speaker, has published her new book Jane in the Jungle: A Bold, Feminine Leadership Model for the New Millennium. Congratulations Kelly!

Katherine Cabaniss wrote a Living Safe article for The Houston Chronicle outlining the importance of voting. She encouraged citizens to “…refuse to diminish the sacrifice of those who won the right for you.” Katherine is currently the Judge in the 248th District Court in Harris County. She has been a prosecutor and the Executive Director of Crime Stoppers.

Sylvia Casares of Sylvia’s Enchilada Kitchen is publishing a book called “The Enchilada Queen Cookbook” Sylvia will make numerous appearances for book signings and conduct cooking classes at Central Market and in Austin at The Texas Book Festival. The Houston Chronicle featured her and her book on Wednesday, October 26th in the Star Flavor Section.  You go girl!

Nicole Zimmerer , a senior at The University of Houston Theater Department has been selected as the playwright for the senior play production. Nicole has written a full-length play “Thicker Than Honey”   When the grandmother who raised her dies, Addison Fletcher has to fly back to her hometown in Tennessee. While there, she is reunited with her siblings, along with faces of her past. The comfort of being home won't last long when secrets and repressed feelings start bubbling to the surface.

Stuart Staggs was awarded the Presidents' Award at his company McKesson.  This award recognized Stuart as someone who has exceeded expectation for his service to the company and its' clients.

Sheryl Brice  now has 6 film acting credits to her name.  Now doing independent movies.  The Acting Coach was her last short film project.  It depicts how an acting coach produces a project.  I will be in film festivals.

Regina Buono will be pursuing a PhD in water policy and building a business on the side representing companies whose products she has long used and admired.  She shared that the Group Speaking Fast Track Program has proved to be really valuable. She will speak at a workshop in Germany this June.

Herb Johnson spoke at Mississippi State University Alumni ' Weekend Gala.  He was celebrating the 50th year of integration at Mississippi State University.

Tarek Hassan was featured in a Houston Chronicle article on Sunday April 24th. His business, a Schooley Mitchell franchise,  analyzes the phone and credit card processing  bills for potential savings. He is able to show business owners where they can make significant savings or provide assurance that they are getting the best service for their money.

Jeannette Waldie of JK Waldie & Associates is speaking and training on business development best practices.  She will be delivering a 2-day workshop around the world by the end of 2016

Dr. Chinhui Juhn,  Professor of Economics at the University of Houston was honored by The Asia Society.  Chinhui has been leading DaCamera for the last few years.


   Congratulations for sharing your talents & gifts with the world!

Casey Davis at the podium

Casey Davis
Salesperson of the Year
Boston Scientific

"Last Wednesday night was one of the most amazing nights of my life! My speech was... life changing for me and for the audience. I was so connected to the group and everyone was connected with me. It was like having strings to everyone. They responded to everything I said. I enjoyed it! It was fun! There were 400 people there including our CEO, VPs and Directors. People were crying and cheering! So many people came up to me afterwards and said they had never heard a speech like mine. The people who knew that I have been terrified in the past were astounded at what I did. My CEO and VP said that I inspired them! Thank you Sandra! You have made a difference in my life!"


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Casey Davis receiving award