Our Clients In the Spotlight

We're proud of the successes of our clients!


Jeannette Waldie, CPP APMP, founder and owner of JK Waldie & Associates spoke at APMP Houston on Mastering Team Management:  Moving From Second Fiddle to Maestro.  She discussed how to use diverse personalities to your advantage, how to work with each team members different workflow styles, and how to engage a team in the process to get them excited about the project.

Stefani Twyford, founder of Legacy Multimedia was interviewed by Christopher Hensley, radio host of Money Matters, a weekly show sponsored by The Houston Midtown Chapter of The Society for Financial Awareness (SOFA).  They had a great conversation about how important it is to take the time, now, to work on your family history and what some of the roadblocks are that commonly get in the way of accomplishing that.

Dan Krohn, attorney, spoke at Midtown Business Network on reducing risks of company websites.  Dan speaks everywhere.

Peggy Sue Skipper, is teaching classes on Nurturing Your Intuition in the Houston area.  Peggy Sue is a dynamo of a teacher on self-awareness!

Sally Bartolameolli  leads a  Grieving, Growth and GratitudeR support circle at Spectrum Center to help people deepen their emotional and spiritual intelligence by walking through grief, sharing stories and releasing the beliefs that no longer serve.

Brian Wolf M.D. Accepted a Fellowship at Cornell Medical Center in NYC in Epilipsey.  One of the most competitive fellowships.  The interviewer told Brian he was the most interesting interviewee he interviewed.

Scott Keller  has won 4 out of 5 best speaker for Table Topics at his Toastmasters group since starting his group speaking training at Self-Expression Center.  In addition he won Best Speaker his last meeting.

Lisbeth Guerrero-Vasquez  spoke on the topic of LNG to A&M Business School.  She was thrilled with how well her talk went and how well the students received her message.  She said the students fueled her talk and empowered her presentation.

   Congratulations for sharing your talents & gifts with the world!

Casey Davis at the podium

Casey Davis
Salesperson of the Year
Boston Scientific

"Last Wednesday night was one of the most amazing nights of my life! My speech was... life changing for me and for the audience. I was so connected to the group and everyone was connected with me. It was like having strings to everyone. They responded to everything I said. I enjoyed it! It was fun! There were 400 people there including our CEO, VPs and Directors. People were crying and cheering! So many people came up to me afterwards and said they had never heard a speech like mine. The people who knew that I have been terrified in the past were astounded at what I did. My CEO and VP said that I inspired them! Thank you Sandra! You have made a difference in my life!"


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Casey Davis receiving award