Individual Acting Coaching

Experience your natural acting abilities so you can follow your dreams.

The Zimmer Method is a natural approach to acting that guides you to connect to the source of your talent - your authentic emotions. Once you are connected to your authentic emotions, you can give your gifts to the world.

Many people think that acting is somehow faking, pretending or being something that you are not. Actually, excellent acting is very simple - it is the ability to be real with what you feel in the moment. This is the hardest thing for many actors because they disconnect from their real feelings when they are in front of others. The Zimmer Method teaches you to simply relax and be real in the moment. Beginners and experienced actors will benefit from this organic approach to acting.

If you are a beginner, you will quickly discover that you actually have a natural ability to act. This will give you courage to follow your dreams, so life can take you where your passion wants you to go.

If you are an experienced actor who sometimes disconnects from real feelings when you perform, this approach will help you let go of control so you can follow the flow of feeling, be real in the moment and respond spontaneously every time you act.

Private acting sessions are held in person at the Self-Expression Center and by telephone. Telephone coaching can be quite effective. Fees are as follows:

Individual Acting Coaching Fees:

  • Acting Coaching with Sandra Zimmer - $150 per hour.

“ I have had nine acting teachers. None of them taught me how to just Be onstage.You taught me in the first session! ”

-- Susie Basso, Actress