Corporate Clients Speak Out

Client references say it better than we can!

The Self-Expression Center receives wonderful accolades from corporate clients and students who have taken presentation skill training and public speaking classes, some of which we are honored to share here. Feel free also to ask for reference letters. We have tons of them!

“After hearing the words, ‘You're hired’ twice in one day, I knew I was doing something right! The second project was a major win for a large project where we competed against 7 firms. Without your coaching, I would have presented a slide show with a structured agenda. Instead my team and I let the conversation take a natural course. I can't thank you enough for this first step in making communications easier for me. The skills you taught me have been successfully applied to a formal interview, facilitating an audience discussion and general conversation to concisely convey key points.”

-- Lisa Charrin, President, Equipment Collaborative

“Thank you for your efforts with the KBR team in presenting our proposal over the past few days. Somehow through your own style, you calmed everyone's nerves and gave them the confidence to reach beyond what they thought they could do. Arriving later on Sunday night, I cannot truly appreciate the power of your transformational efforts, but I am told that in certain cases, you were nothing short of a miracle worker. You helped this team shine!”

-- Maura Dunn, COO and Chief HSE Officer, KBR, Infrastructure Americas

“This is the best presentation training I have ever received, period, and I have had two previous trainings from my company. This will increase my ability to close the deal and increase Brown & Root's stature in the business. My ability to persuade has increased. Anyone who is involved in job acquisition would benefit from it.”

-- Robert Mardis, Engineer, Brown & Root Services

“I don't know if you remember me, but I was the tall guy in our training that had massive difficulties coming up with personal stories. Well, I worked very hard on that aspect and practiced my presentation and had a great run at The Las Vegas Convention. I not only imbedded some very well received stories, but I even worked a couple of holiday snapshots into my PowerPoint presentation. By the end of the week, I was in a groove the size of the Grand Canyon. I achieved a certain level of rock star status and received rave reviews on my presentations. I know some of that success was due to some of the tools you provided and the self confidence I amassed during your sessions. I just wanted to pass along a hearty thanks for your help.”

-- Jim Weatherford, AIG-VALIC

“This training will be enormously helpful during both proposal presentations and in public meeting presentations. It should increase our ability to close the deal and increase our stature in business. Being authentic in our communication will distinguish KBR from other firms.”

-- Jeff Taylor, Project Manager, KBR

“I reached a level of confidence that I never expected to reach in 4 days!”

-- Eric Davis, Construction Manager, KBR

“Very Effective! Sandra has a way of teaching in a very non-threatening, fun way. The exercises made it easy to learn.”

-- Tom Ayers, Proposal Manager, KBR

“This course has helped me awaken my abilities as a presenter. Fantastic!”

-- Tim Newton, Project Manager and Toastmaster, KBR

“Totally effective!”

-- Jim Loo, Project Manager, KBR

“Sandra, Lisa rode with me yesterday so we had a chance to talk. She says she has had a palpable change because of your Presentation and Leadership training, and those she has talked to have said the same things. “It sticks with you longer than any of those other things. It's become a part of me“. So -- you've done a good thing. ”

-- Judith McClain, VP Marketing, FKP Architects

“The reason I hired you over many expensive consultants was that my friend and your former client Bruce F. called me to say he had found a remarkable program here in Houston. He went on to say that Sandra Zimmer's presentation program had helped him win millions of dollars in business. This from a man who had been terrified to present”

-- Randy Pollock, VP Marketing, Walter P. Moore & Associates Engineers

Thank you for providing a fresh new approach to presentation training. Our sales teams have had numerous courses focusing on software demonstrations and slide presentations. Most are very experienced at speaking in front of people. Your training is something quite unique. Your training showed them how important it is to be authentic, to connect with the audience and to present a value statement beyond what can be presented in a slide deck. Not only did you take them to the next level, but they also learned a lot about each other and themselves. It was a great team-building exercise.

               -- Trip Ray, Managing Director, Americas SunGard Energy and Commodities

Sandra Zimmer at the Eastside Chamber of Commerce, Houston
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