Personal Growth

Innerworks - Counseling and Publishing for over 25 years, empowering people through counseling, teaching, and personal coaching. Self-help books to inspire inner worth, build good relationships, and discover spiritual meaning and purpose.  
Inner Power International - DISCOVER your unique inner power, CREATE new possibilities for work and life, and reach the peak of your personal LEADERSHIP with greater clarity, focus and ease. Coaching, classes, and retreats in Hawaii to help you balance success, fulfillment and results.  
Conquering Fear - Proven, easy-to-apply techniques to help you conquer fear and create the life you truly want!  
Importance Of Life Insurance - Many people in this world drastically underestimate the value and power of life insurance. And having learnt firsthand from her own adversity, Melissa's keynote speaking talks frankly to life insurance agents about the importance of their work.