Private Client Recommendations

Client references say it better than we can!

The Self-Expression Center receives wonderful accolades from private communication training clients and students, some of which we are honored to share here. Feel free to ask for reference letters. We have tons of them!

“I have never enjoyed a class as much as yours. Before working with you, I was conscious of my foreign accent and thought my voice was horrible. You built my confidence and proved to me that voice is good.”

-- Rosamonde Davis

“I was promoted to Senior Manager. It was an unexpected promotion. You should know that one of the reasons cited for my promotion was my ability to communicate and connect with my staff. I truly believe that much of what you taught me contributed to my promotion. Learning to be "present" for my staff, peers and superiors has made just a difference, Sandra and one I continue to work on daily. The grounding technique is one I rely on regularly to help me get back on track and I daresay, one technique, that I will practice the rest of my life.”

-- Patricia Knorr, Senior Manager, SYSCO

“I just spoke on a panel to McGraw -Hill Company in Boulder CO about Worklife Balance. One of the planning team members said I blew them away! I had so much fun and I already have another speaking engagement.”

-- Christine Gust, Naturpath and HR Consultant

“Thank you for sharing your gift with me. The benefits of developing resonance have been phenomenal! I now have command of a fuller, richer voice. It has not only enhanced my confidence, but also given me a sense of inner peace and clarity.”

-- Kayce Carpenter