Learn Tools to Develop Leadership Presence & Gravitas

Want to increase trust & respect from teams, clients, other leaders?
Would you like to exude gravitas in professional communications?
Ever thought theater skills might help develop leadership presence?

Sandra Zimmer teaches awareness of body, voice, movement, pace and presence to give business professionals the tools to develop leadership presence and gravitas. You can learn skills derived from theater, self-awareness and mindfulness to help you embody the characteristics of gravitas. Once you get gravitas in your body, you will know what to say that comes from your deeper wisdom.

Cultivate Authentic Leadership Presence & Gravitas

This transformational program will teach you to develop your own leadership presence and persona. Learn to step into the role of a leader who exudes gravitas. As a participant, you will explore 5 physical factors that help you cultivate gravitas - weight, time, space, voice and movement.

You will learn how to:

  • Integrate the five physical factors to impact your communication style and cause you to exhibit gravitas
  • Hold the center of attention through grounding your body for presence
  • Resonate your voice tone to command more attention
  • Step into the skin of a leader who possesses gravitas through a transformational acting exercise
  • Practice thinking and speaking key messages while holding a state of gravitas.

Through the process of this course you will not only understand what gravitas is, but you will experience it in a bodily-felt way. As a result, you will own the characteristic of gravitas and empower your leadership presence.

Cultivate Gravitas for Leadership Presence meets for 4 weeks, one night per week from 7-9:30 pm.

Class Size: 6-12 participants.

Class Fee: $795

Class meets at Self-Expression Center, 11221 Richmond Avenue, Building C, Suite 104, Houston, TX 77082.

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“I have had several friends tell me there has been a big change in my personality, and, even the way I carry myself - I believe they used the word - transformation. I do “feel” different these days. It would probably be more self-confidence that I have with myself and the way I deal/work with daily issues. The self-discovery that unfolds in each class is wondrous. I love the way you lead the students through each phase of techniques. They are not over-powering/whelming. It's a freedom - not even freedom, maybe a clear understanding of the process. Your classes have opened the door to a part of my soul and I don't think that door can be closed again.”

-- Kathy Competiello