One-To-One Communication Skills

Experience your natural ability to connect with others, communicate a compelling message and be persuasive.

Summary of One-To-One Communication Skills courses

Our communication skills programs build connection, chemistry and charisma. Good communication skills are essential for personal and professional success. Communication skill is not so much what you say as the open space you are coming from when you are with another person. This experiential learning program teaches core communication skill concepts that allow you to experience your natural ability to "be with" others in a deeply connected way. You will learn to create an atmosphere of permission to be genuine so the real message can be said and heard.

Level 1: Creating Connection

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Core Communication Concepts include:
  • Being present with others
  • Creating chemistry and rapport
  • Developing charisma - receiving the flow of attention
  • Seeing the good
  • Communicating rather than self-expressing
  • Listening for the emotional message
  • Listening for values and strengths
  • Public speaking tips

Level 2: Handling Communication Challenges

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Core Communication Concepts include:
  • Confronting - facing the situation together
  • Changing the system, not blaming the person
  • Telling the truth gracefully
  • Holding a persuasive conversation
  • Asking for what you want

Teen Talk. an open dialog for teen conversation

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Your teen is tired of rules, sitting at desks, and adults telling them what to do and how to live their life. Yet, we all need role models and guidance- a mentor. Teens need adults to listen without judgment and openly share their own lives with them. They also need a place to talk freely about their ideas, goals, and dreams.

As adulthood approaches, most teens feel pressure to know what they are going to do with their lives and what their plan is to get there. It's easy to make choices that please others but those choices may not reflect who they are.

Teens are bombarded by the importance of approval, acceptance, and what other people think. These are all important to growth and self-discovery. Yet, it is easy to close up from fear of those very same things- fear of judgment.

Our younger years are so full of fresh, new ideas and thinking. It's easy to forget how much nurturing, validation, and support teens need in order to unleash their awesomeness. After all, there is only a thin layer between our fear and our brilliance!

If we are given room to be ourselves, we will flourish. If we learn about life through life experiences, we internalize the lessons. Here, your teen will be in charge of what he or she needs to learn. Communication is key to our experience of life and is a natural process, something we all practice daily. Teens will be invited to explore themselves in such a genuine, organic way, that relationship building and communication skills will naturally develop within welcoming and eager teens who truly want greatness and connection.

What it is:
An open discussion about everything YOU want to talk about Respectful
Non-judgmental and open-minded
Supportive place to ask questions
A great way to learn how to communicate your needs and be heard
Designed by you and your peers
An opportunity to prepare for life after high school

What it is not:

We meet from 6:30 to 8pm each Wednesday for 4-week segments. It is open and on-going so you may participate in as many and as often as you like.

Teya Sparks is a Communication Coach and group facilitator. "In my early twenties I began a process like the one I now facilitate and my life changed so dramatically. Once I had an open, consistent forum to express myself, I was able to relate to my peers and adults with confidence and ease. I broke free from my shyness and developed into a grounded young adult. I was able to look back and recognize how my teen years were like this dumping station for everything I had experienced up to then, combined with the urge to stand up and voice my thoughts and feelings. I finally felt like I could. I want to offer this forum to teens and young adults because I know the importance of being able to be myself in the world."

Learning to make connection Learning to make connection

Communicating within a group Communicating within a group

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