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Corporate Public Speaking Programs to Improve Verbal Presentation Skills

We guide your people to shine. They experience confidence to share their ideas and expertise authentically and persuasively.

Summary of Corporate Programs

Presentation & Leadership Presence

Offered at your location, the Self-Expression Center's corporate presentation training program in Presentation & Leadership Presence teaches your key people to deliver compelling presentations and communications. We guide your leaders to speak authentically, connect genuinely and feel free to contribute their ideas, insights and expertise in meetings, groups and presentations. Enhancing their ability to connect and compel listeners substantially increases effectiveness of executives, managers, directors, sales people, team leaders or principals.


Participants will learn how to:

  • Deliver compelling presentations
  • Articulate your company message clearly
  • Present expertise credibly in presentations and client meetings
  • Exhibit a strong, capable and professional presence in presentations
  • Capture and hold the attention of listeners and audiences
  • Develop a style of speaking that is authentic and genuine to each
  • Find and tell personal and persuasive stories
  • Develop confidence to think on their feet
  • Be at ease and comfortable in front of groups
  • Make genuine connection with listeners and prospective clients
  • Build stronger relationships with team members

Our Approach is Different

The Presentation & Leadership Presence Program does not lock participants up in mechanical techniques; rather it frees them to be natural and genuine. Our presentation training approach builds on individual's strengths, allowing barriers to fall away. It honors their uniqueness and enhances their confidence. Participants are guided in a step-by-step manner to build skills easily and effortlessly. Our public speaking processes programs are totally supportive and non-critical so participants can relax enough to take risks and connect with their best self. Confidence soars!

See what corporate participants and senior leaders have said about our presentation programs.

Our Flexible Program Formats Are Customized to Your Group

Our presentation training programs are flexible and tailored to your company's needs. We work with you to develop a public speaking training or presentation skill training program that fits your goals and time constraints.

Training is offered in several possible formats, including:

  • A Four-Day Program - two consecutive days and two follow-up days
  • A Two-Day Foundation Program - offered on two consecutive days or two Fridays
  • One-Day Programs
  • Building Block Programs - half-day follow up sessions
  • Weekly Courses - meeting for two to three hours per week
  • Individual Coaching


Speaking English Clearly for Non-Native Professionals

Pronouncing the Sounds of English

Business has become global and more companies have employees from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Many employees who speak English as a second language have a strong grasp of the English language, but a heavy accent may interfere with their ability to be clearly understood when communicating crucial information.  Because others make unconscious decisions about whether to listen, believe or trust an expert based on the clarity of his or her speech, it is important that non-native preofessionals be understood easily when speaking English for business.

Our training in Speaking English Clearly: Diction for Non-Native Professionals helps valued employees pronounce the sounds of English that are preventing them from being easily understood. Rather than trying to get rid of their accents, this program simply allows them to speak English more clearly when communicating with clients, customers and co-workers. Participants are taught proper articulation of the sounds of English by positioning the tongue, teeth and lips for correct pronunciation. Industry specific term are practiced to help them converse about the technicalities of the business.  

Results of the Speaking Clearly Training

  • Allows the foreign-born professional to be more easily understood.
  • Increases confidence to share expertise and take charge when opportunities arise.
  • Improves the non-native professional’s acceptance as an “insider” and a respected colleague who is easily engaged in conversation.
  • Increases the non-native professional’s value to the company, clients and customers.

Our Speaking English Clearly Program is Customized for your Non-Native Professionals

We can design a group course for up to 8 people that meets for 6 - 10 sessions. Individual Coaching is offered in 8-session packages.




Project Interview Coaching

Project team leaders are often brilliant at their technical expertise but may lack the presentation and persuasion skills to win a project. If they are stiff and boring at the project interview, they may lose a project for which they are the best choice.

The success of your company depends on developing new business and the ability of your team leaders to present persuasively in project interviews. To win new projects, team leaders must not only be able to present their technical expertise, ideas and processes in a credible manner; they must also be emotionally engaging and compelling so that the client selection panel feels your project team is the clear winner.

Sandra Zimmer coaches project team leaders to prepare and present persuasive presentations designed to address the client's vision for their project. The presentation preparation process adds additional value of creating chemistry among team leaders and sub-consultants so that they work together more effectively once the project is won.

To view a pdf file Presenting to Win that offers details of Sandra Zimmer's coaching for project interviews.

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Walter P. Moore Engineers' Persuasion & Leadership Program
Walter P. Moore Engineers, 2007 Presentation, Persuasion & Leadership Program

Jeff speaks from the heart
Jeff speaks from the heart

Workshop participants are delighted with Amy's story.
Workshop participants are delighted with Amy's story.

Bill and Jeff are captivated by a classmate.
Bill and Jeff are captivated by a classmate.

Presenting Engineering Expertise
Presenting Engineering Expertise

Presenting Engineering Expertise
Presenting Engineering Expertise

Presenting Engineering Expertise
Presenting Engineering Expertise


“Thank you for your efforts with the KBR team in presenting our proposal over the past few days. Somehow through your own style, you calmed everyone's nerves and gave them the confidence to reach beyond what they thought they could do. Arriving later on Sunday night, I cannot truly appreciate the power of your transformational efforts, but I am told that in certain cases, you were nothing short of a miracle worker. You helped this team shine!”







-- Maura Dunn, COO and Chief HSE Officer, KBR, Infrastructure Americas

“WOW! I took your Group Facilitation course expecting you would teach me how to tell my sales team how to be more effective. Instead, you taught me how to facilitate my team to tell me how we can be more effective. Our meetings have become much more fun! We are more communicative and more productive. Thank you for showing me how to get the most from my team.


-- Buddy Oakes, President

Walter P. Moore  Presentation Persuasion and Leadership Presence Training
Walter P. Moore Presentation Persuasion and Leadership Presence Training

Walter P. Moore  Presentation Persuasion and Leadership Presence Training
Walter P. Moore Presentation Persuasion and Leadership Presence Training