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Creative Meditation
6-Weeks Course

When you are stressed and not open to receive others, you miss many opportunities and possibilities that life is offering. This class gives you some easy tools to live life more fully. It will introduce you to 4 easy actions that you can do to de-stress, express and feel great. You will learn to combine breathing, movement, sound and color to create meditations that are fun, freeing and spiritually rejuvenating.

The practical reasons to "meditate" are to be:

  • Open to life and other people
  • Connected to your inner self, soul and God
  • Free to express your self in the world
  • Grounded, safe, strong and present
  • Just plain feel good

Creative Meditation will give you a way to handle the stress in your personal and professional life. Fun exercises will clear your head, relax your body and release tensions so you can be productive and successful in the rest of your life.

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