Persuasion & Influence

Does your work require you to persuade and influence others?
Do you understand the ingredients of persuasion?
Would you like to persuade and influence without pushing or forcing?

Summary of courses:
The Art of Persuasion
Leadership Presence & Persuasion


The Art of Persuasion:
How to Sway People's Thinking by Capturing Hearts & Minds

5-Week Course with Sandra Zimmer

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The highest use of persuasion is not manipulating others to get what you wnat.  Nor is it pressing them to buy your product, service or idea.  Rather, it is joining up with them to help them get what they want.

Persuasion happens when a listener stops worrying about what you are going to take from him and gets excited about what you can give to him. It can only occur when listeners know that you have their best interest at heart and feel they can trust you.  There is no persuasion without trust!

To be persuasive, you must design your message carefully so listeners feel you care, know you are an expert and believe you can really help them.  When you join with their goals and articulate how you can assist them to achieve their needs, hopes and desires, you can capture their hearts and minds, becoming the one they trust to lead them towards their goals.

In this 5 session program, Sandra Zimmer, the creator of The Zimmer Method for Authentic Communication, will guide you through the steps of creating an authentically persuasive message that has practical application to your current professional situation such as a group meeting, sales presentation or leadership talk.

You will:

  • Understand how to join up with listeners.
  • Learn 9 elements of a persuasive message that help listeners feel the benefitsfor them.
  • Clarify the persuasive ingredients for your important message.
  • Learn how to combine the ingredients to craft a persuasive message that you want to deliver.
  • Practice delivering your message so that it comes from your heart and has the best chance of persuading your listeners.

This program will help you understand the ingredients of persuasion so you can repeat the process of creating persuasive messages in the future. You will likely use this Zimmer Method for speaking persuasively for the rest of your life!

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Individual Coaching

Need immediate support to speak persuasively in an upcoming meeting, sales presentation or leadership talk?

Individual coaching with Sandra Zimmer by phone, by Skype or in person can help you craft a persuasive message so you have the best chance of influencing the outcome. Phone or Skype sessions can often be done immediately.

Leadership Presence & Persuasion

A Workshop for Executives, Leaders and Emerging Leaders with Sandra Zimmer

Business is moving from a practice and posture of management through hierarchical power to a process of leadership through persuasion. The role of leadership is to have ideas, to persuade others to your ideas and to inspire others to give their best.

The Leadership Presence & Persuasion Program addresses how you actually develop the presence of a leader. This workshop also teaches how to deliver a message persuasively that engages and compels attention through speaking with emotional authenticity. When your presence is authentic and honors everyone in the group, others will follow with trust and loyalty. They feel confidence and permission to assert their ideas, insights and expertise.

Sandra Zimmer guides you through a hands-on experiential program to connect you with your natural leadership presence and ability to speak persuasively from your heart. This program combines proven exercises and techniques from public speaking, storytelling, psychology of persuasion, theatre skills and awareness of performance energy states so you experience a new level of leadership presence.

You Will Learn To:

  • Exhibit a strong, capable, professional presence in front of others
  • Develop comfort in your skin in front of others
  • Be present in the moment and think on your feet
  • Make genuine connection with listeners so they feel included as you speak
  • Understand 9 kinds of verbal content that add up to a persuasive message
  • Practice crafting and delivering a persuasive message

RESULTS of This Experience:

  • Increase your power to inspire and motivate others to give their best
  • Make your vision felt by others
  • Become accessible to employees, clients and media
  • Gain admiration of others
  • Elevate your leadership image and impact on the world


Learning to be present for my staff, peers and superiors has made just a difference!


Pat K, Senior Manager, SYSCO


Thank you for an outstanding management retreat for United Environmental Services. UES has a ten year tradition of holding annual management retreats and has invested in many forms of leadership and motivational facilitators. Your Presentation, Persuasion & Leadership Presence was one of the most powerful retreats we have experienced.


Lisa Gary, Vice-President, UES


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