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Listen Only to Those who Speak with Gravitas

I made a decision this morning to listen only to people who speak with gravitas. The last couple days I have been watching the news on CBS This Morning.   Yesterday Samantha Powers sat with the CBS This Morning hosts, Charlie Rose, Nora O’Donnell and Gayle King.  Ms. Powers is the outgoing US Ambassador to […]

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Cultivate Gravitas for Leadership Presence Course

Gravitas is a power that comes from inner authority to express your wisest thoughts for the good of the whole group. Gravitas commands attention, respect and admiration, not because it is flashy, but because it is wise and thoughtful. Introducing a Cultivate Gravitas for Leadership Presence Course who want to learn to exude more gravitas in […]

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Executive Presence Demonstrated

Executive presence is at play when a person walks into a board room, a staff meeting, or a negotiations session and the room goes quiet. This quiet reception is a sign of respect which is the demonstration of high regard for an individual due to his or her personal qualities and achievements. Executive presence earns […]

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Qualities and Characteristics of Executive Presence

Developing executive presence is much like being an actor working to develop a character. The process is basically the same. You must step into the skin of a leader and embody the physical, mental and emotional characteristics so that you behave as an executive. As Constantine Stanislavski, the father of modern acting technique often said, […]

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Leaders Need Comfort in the Skin for Public Speaking

What is often misnamed as fear of public speaking is one of the best-kept secrets of corporate leaders. It is surprising how few leaders feel really comfortable speaking in public settings and being the center of attention. Much has been written about fear of public speaking, but what I think has not been clearly understood is that the problem […]

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How to Demonstrate Grace under Media Fire: General Eric Shinseki, VA Secretary

By Sandra Zimmer How would you respond if you were accused of incompetence in a media interview? Could you stay calm and open? Could you handle it with grace and dignity? Currently, there is a big media bruhaha around General Eric Shinseki, the Secretary of Veteran Affairs. He has been accused of allowing veteran’s hospitals […]

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