Seth Godin Blogs about Two Qualities of a Great Presenter – Respect & Love

Imagine my thrill as I read respected author Seth Godin declare that any great presenter must have two qualities – respect from the audience and love for the audience!  Take a look at his post at

Then read my post at

Love is a vibrational frequency that attracts.  Love is not only the answer to stage fright, it is also a large part of being a great presenter.  When you can stand in front of an audience and love yourself and them, you create a quality of connection that is magnetic.   You draw the audience to you through your love for them.  And they feel it!

In order to be a great presenter, Seth tells us that we also need to receive respect from the audience.  I think respect is earned through authenticity.  When we share our ideas, insights, emotions and expertise in a way that is true to ourselves, listeners can sense that as well.

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