The Self-Expression Center provides these articles related to public speaking, presentation skill training, communication training and overcoming fear of public speaking or stage fright.  You are welcome to share these articles provided you include the name and contact information supplied with each article.

How to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking in 6 Mostly Easy Steps

Gravitas for Men and Women Leaders

How I Prepare Professionals to Interview for Leadership Positions

The Zimmer Method can Help You Hack the Flow State for Public Speaking

Soft Eye Contact Draws Audience Attention Magnetically

Develop Gravitas & Executive Presence

How Sticking Out Your Tongue When Making "Th" Sounds Improves Your Pronunciation

Seven Ways to Pronounce the Letter "A"

Want to Speak Like Steve Jobs?

Believe In Yourself!

How to Say a Few Words When You are not Prepared

Just What is Business Writing Coaching?

Create Your Own Work; Make Your Own Job

How to Practice a Speech, Talk or Presentation Easily

Transforming Your Self: You Can Become Anything You Want to Be.

Embodying Creativity

Coaching Experts to Win (PDF)

PowerPoint - An "Epidemic" Sapping Presenter Effectiveness & Costing Deals

Receiving 2010

What Idea Will You Represent in 2010?

Turning Anxiety into Excitement: A Tip for Stage Fright,

Fear of Public Speaking or General Anxiety

Transform Stage Fright Into Authentic Presence

Express, Communicate & Get Connected

A Deeper Communication Tip - Connection, Chemistry & Charisma

Want to Be More Attractive? Exude Charisma? Express Yourself!

Attack the System, not the Person - A Leadership Communication Concept


How to Use Negative Emotions to Your Benefit

How to Say a Few Words When You are not Prepared

Don't Talk to Strangers: How Caring for Your Audience Helps Stage Fright and Fear of Public Speaking

Aspects of Voice Training to Develop a Great Speaking Voice

Acting Techniques for Professional Presence

Networking for Introverts - How to Make Connection in a Crowded Room of Strangers

Connective Presence - Three Steps to Being at Home in Front of Groups

Develop Your Authentic Public Speaking Style - Seven Tips

Develop The Power Of Presence To Compel Attention When You Speak In Groups


There is Only One Audience in the World: How to Create a Supportive Audience

Transforming Yourself through Speaking and Performing


My Left Foot & Transformation

Joining Up - The Art of Persuasion

Prepare to Propel Yourself in to the Future

Being the Tiny Bell that Guides Others

Is Your Promise Your Word

The Power of Receptive Connection

Giving and Receiving

Plant Seeds of Potential in Your Ground of Being

HBJ Interviews Sandra Zimmer: Becoming a Good Public Speaker Takes Practice

Don't Let Reliance on PowerPoint Cripple the Business Presentation

Sarah's Time to Shine

See the Seeds of Greatness in Others

Communication Creates Confidence

Leadership: Stepping Into the Role

Speaking Up: Houston Business Journal (PDF)

Acting Class Helps Bolster Feelings, Confidence in Those Who Don't Act

Self-Talk: What You Say to Yourself Determines Your Experience

Top Ten Ways to Transform Stage Fright Into Captivating Connecting

The Power of Presence: May the Force Be With You When You Speak

Top Ten Ways to Develop the Power of Presence

Intimacy, Breathing & Connection


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It's Your Time To Shine: How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking, Develop Authentic Presence and Speak from Your Hear by Sandra Zimmer

It's Your Time To Shine:
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