Our Clients In the Spotlight

We're proud of the successes of our clients!

Candy Canga Picar Cheif Nursing Officer of a hospital system in rural Oregon has been invited to speak to several hospital organizations as well as Capital Hill about the Transcultural Care Project she has helped found in her hospital system.

Kelli Bodle the Assistant Curator of Boca Museum of Art, did a live streaming of her talk "Maverick Modigliani" which was recorded for the Boca Raton Museum of Art/Friends Community in collaboration with the Boca Raton Virtual Jewish Film Festival.  Kelli was awesome!

Sue Brightman has published her book A Call to Further Becoming.  It hit #1 status on several categories at Amazon!  Sue interviewed 100 women who are over the age of 50 to identify 10 new declaration women make to become more of who they are over 50 and living all that is possible for them.

Ron Thurston has published a book RETAIL PRIDE.  It's become a #1 Best seller on Amazon.  He claims he is using what he learned from my public speaking course more than ever now!  You Go Ron!

Johanna Ventura emceed a holiday gathering in front of 70 shell employees. Only 2 years ago, she joined my group speaking program as a person who felt serious stage fright.  I honor Johanna as a woman committed to shine in the world. You rock!

Michele Collins is an entrepreneur, former sales rep and comedian.  Michele is taking her message to SpeakUP, MPN.Global’s new original series made to inspire which will soon be offered on Prime Video.  Wow Michele!

Zane Carruth was among Channel 13's 2020 Women of Distinction for their many contributions to the Houston community.

Ahmad Farooqi delivered a strong presentation on automation in oil and gas trading processes to the Energy Risk USA Conference. He received many positive comments. He also received an award for his company at that conference and was able to speak impromptu as he accepted the award. Ahmad is flying high as a speaking star.

Congratulations for sharing your talents & gifts with the world!

Casey Davis at the podium

Casey Davis
Salesperson of the Year
Boston Scientific

"Last Wednesday night was one of the most amazing nights of my life! My speech was... life changing for me and for the audience. I was so connected to the group and everyone was connected with me. It was like having strings to everyone. They responded to everything I said. I enjoyed it! It was fun! There were 400 people there including our CEO, VPs and Directors. People were crying and cheering! So many people came up to me afterwards and said they had never heard a speech like mine. The people who knew that I have been terrified in the past were astounded at what I did. My CEO and VP said that I inspired them! Thank you Sandra! You have made a difference in my life!"


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Casey Davis receiving award