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Individual Presentation Coaching to Improve Public Speaking

Experience your natural abilities to speak,
present and participate in groups.

Sandra Zimmer coaches business professionals and sensitive achievers on oral communication skills to develop a style of speaking that is authentic to each individual. She will guide you through a process so you are free to give your ideas, insights and expertise to others. Learn presentation skills so you can relax, develop presence, make connection and deliver a compelling message that inspires, entertains and persuades listeners. Sandra will tailor an individual presentation skills coaching program to your skill level so you achieve your goals as quickly as possible.

Areas of Individual Presentation Skills Coaching

  • Stage fright Mastery & Relaxation - Feel at ease inside your skin.
  • Crafting your message to engage listeners.
  • Your Unique Message - Find and focus your unique message.
  • Clarity of Content - Hone your insights and language for highest impact.
  • Organize Your Material - Collect your material easily and creatively.
  • Stories - Find and tell stories that illustrate, enlighten and personalize your talk.
  • Voice - Develop a beautiful vocal tone, resonance & projection.
  • Diction - Develop clear, crisp speech so listeners understand every word.
  • Emotional Connection - Establish a genuine connection.
  • Authenticity - Be real with your listeners so something real can happen between you.
  • Movement & Body Awareness - Develop full body involvement and expression.
  • Presence - Radiate a strong presence that attracts and holds attention.
  • Speak from heart and soul for talks with a spiritual message.
  • Silence - Hold attention and build suspense through the power of silence.
  • Receiving Your Audience - Open to receive love, attention and support from listeners.
  • Presenting to Executives and Senior Leaders.
  • Telling your company story.
  • Keynoting - Develop keynote material that inspires and touches hearts.

Individual Coaching Fees:

  • $300.00 per one-hour session.
  • $1,800.00 for 8 one-hour sessions.
  • $2,600.00 for 12 one-hour sessions.

Individual coaching in presentation skills training is ideal when you want help to prepare and deliver a specific presentation or talk. Presentation Coaching is offered in person, by telephone or by Skype from anywhere in the world. Telephone and Skype coaching is quite effective.

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Sandra coaches Attorney Michael
Sandra coaches Attorney Michael

“I want to thank you for all your help with my speaking career. You have gone above and beyond simple coaching. I appreciate the importance you place on not changing people. Thank you for making speaking a wonderful experience for me.”

-- Shannon Miller, Olympic Gold Medallist, Author and Speaker