Effective Communication Skills

Successful professional and personal relationships are built through authentic communication skills. Self-Expression Center programs help you develop confident self-expression and authentic communication skills. 

Our communication programs support you to connect genuinely, be present with and listen to others, share thoughts and feelings skillfully, handle conflicts easily, and persuade and influence others.  

You will be empowered to take on new levels of leadership and authority. Your confidence will soar!

Learn to Communicate Effectively

Self Expression Center provides a variety of Communication Skills training including:

Communication Skills Coaching

Experience your natural ability to connect with others, communicate a compelling message and be persuasive. Read more on Commmunication Skills Coaching

Persuasion & Influence

Too often we have a great idea, product or service but we can't make others feel it would be good for them. Find out more on Persuasion & Influence

Interview Coaching

Successful interviews depend on your ability to show the interviewer who you are. You must show how you can add value to the company or school or how your expertise adds insight to the issue. Learn more on Interview Coaching

Read what clients have said about communication skills coaching.

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Sandra coaches Pegge Bogle of Pierpont Communications
Sandra coaches Pegge Bogle of Bogle Woodworks

“I was promoted to Senior Manager. It was an unexpected promotion. You should know that one of the reasons cited for my promotion was my ability to communicate and connect with my staff. I truly believe that much of what you taught me contributed to my promotion. Learning to be "present" for my staff, peers and superiors has made just a difference, Sandra and one I continue to work on daily. The grounding technique is one I rely on regularly to help me get back on track and I daresay, one technique, that I will practice the rest of my life.”

-- Patricia Knorr, Senior Manager, SYSCO

“I went on a job interview and found myself “speaking from my heart” about the future of medical practice and where I would fit in. Most of the providers I had never met. I felt myself really in the moment and among a VERY captive audience. I was just amazed at how it went. I owe my relaxed comfortable interaction to you and the classes.”

-- Michael Heard, MD