Corporate Client List

Our Corporate Clients at the Self-Expression Center are Stars!

We are thrilled to have some wonderful corporate customers at the Self-Expression Center. Our clients include people who work for over thirty Fortune 500 companies. In addition to working with professionals who are employed by impressive companies, we work directly with large and small corporations, training technical and business teams, providing programs that empower connected communications and win companies business day in and day out.

Some Corporate Clients of the Self-Expression Center:

Technip - 10-Session Presentation, Persuasion & Leadership Presence Program for high-achieving employees

Walter P. Moore & Associates- 8 annual presentation training programs for principals and engineering project managers and follow-up coaching

FKP Architects - multiple training programs, building block sessions, project interview coaching & individual coaching

Neill Corporation - presentation training for sales reps in Louisiana

Star Enterprise - an 8-week course on communication and connection skills and an 8-week course on group facilitation skills

Dub Miller Ford - a 16-week confidence-building program for new sales associates

Shell Asian Pacific Network - one-day training in presentation and leadership

Brown & Root - presentation training seminars and coaching sessions to prepare for project interviews

KBR - presentation training seminars and coaching sessions to prepare for project interviews

AIG-VALIC - coaching of sales trainers to present at national conference

Pointsmith - several group and individual coaching sessions to aid employees to present Point of Purchase Signage proposals to various national chains (Shell, Conoco-Phillips, Jiffy Lube).

Milliman - team building and presentation session at annual retreat in Galveston

Welcom - presentation session for project management consultants to prepare for presenting at a national conference

AXIS Dental - presentation training for the executive team

GeoCenter - Communication and Presentation Program for Executives and PhD geophysisicts along with individual voice and communication coaching

Allow us to customize a corporate program for you. Sandra Zimmer will personally interview the executive in charge to help identify outcomes needed to achieve your company objectives. After the initial interview with the appropriate executive, we will prepare a proposal that includes schedules and fees.

Sandra Zimmer at the Eastside Chamber of Commerce, Houston
Sandra Zimmer presents short talks and speeches for your organization.