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Confidence On-Camera to Look and Sound Good on Video

Do your videos and media sell yourself, your product or service?

Do you feel comfortable and confident on camera?

Do you really shine on video, looking and sounding good?

Picture yourself totally relaxed with video and camera confidence, your presence radiating through the lens to connect with viewers. Imagine yourself delivering important ideas to hundreds even thousands of viewers! 

Sandra Zimmer helps you optimize your personal image so you look and sound good on video. She coaches you to present yourself on-camera authentically, so you connect with viewers and speak to their hearts.

The results of video coaching with Sandra Zimmer are:

  • Feeling relaxed and comfortable while cameras are rolling
  • Transforming video fright into camera presence
  • Connecting with viewers through the lens
  • Presenting yourself genuinely and naturally for camera 
  • Appearing warm, inviting and positive on-camera
  • Staying focused on your message to avoid distraction
  • Using your best voice to sound strong and resonant
  • Crafting simple, clear, persuasive sound-bites for short videos
  • Writing scripts for a video series  
  • Preparing your set to help you look credible
  • Framing yourself to shine on video

Frankly, not many people know how to appear  natural and believable on video. Sandra will guide you step-by-step to feel at ease, be authentic and appear credible when the cameras are rolling. So you can concentrate on sharing your important ideas!

Sandra’s personal coaching will prepare you for video confidence in YouTube videos, website videos, TV interviews, corporate videos, Skype, Hangout, webinars and training videos.

Sandra  does video coaching in person in her office and on Skype video which is ideal for video and media training. She can also help you plan and produce your video for websites, YouTube or Vimeo.

Video is fast becoming the communication tool of choice. Everyone who does business needs to express themselves effectively on video. Don’t be held back for lack of on-camera skills. Isn’t it time you jumped into video to share your ideas, insights, expertise, products and services?

Who will Benefit:

Corporate leaders, business owners, entrepreneurs, authors, visionaries, anyone with important ideas to share, people who have products and services to offer.


Call Sandra Zimmer NOW at 281-293-7070 to discuss video coaching to help you shine on video.

Or send Sandra a Complimentary Coaching Request and she will call you.

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Sandra Zimmer with camera

Toasmaster event video still with Bryce Adams
Video - Sandra Zimmer guides a volunteer speaker, Bryce Adams, to Transform Stage Fright Tension & Nerves Live

Sandra and Telling Stories participants applaud a story.
Sandra and Telling Stories participants applaud a story.


“Sandra, please accept my joy and excitement “the day after“ your weekend Turning stage fright into Dynamic Presence workshop. It was everything I was looking for and more. You have found a way to make it possible for me to find and be with the power that I have. Part way through the workshop I began to feel a presence or strength in my upper abdomen that is still with me. It's solid like a rod or column of a building that supports me, but also has a pure energy quality to it. This presence will be a constant reminder that I can and do connect with others in powerful ways.”


-- B G, Safety & Environmental Specialist

Attorney Michael inspires his classmates.
Attorney Michael inspires his classmates.