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Leadership Presence & Gravitas Coaching by Phone, Skype or Zoom from Anywhere in the World

Want to increase trust & respect from leaders, teams and clients?

Would exuding leadership presence and gravitas increase your impact?

Sandra Zimmer coaches leaders and emerging leaders to transform their presence and persona to develop leadership presence and gravitas.

Coaching by phone or video conferencing such as Skype or Zoom from anywhere in the world can increase your ability to be perceived as a strong and authentic leader. Sandra Zimmer guides you to uncover your natural abilities to express yourself authentically and to demonstrate leadership presence and gravitas in groups, meetings and presentations.

You can learn these valuable skills through leadership training by phone, Skype or Zoom:

  • Develop a leadership presence that compels attention.
  • Transform anxiety and self-consciousness into a bodily-felt sense of confidence.
  • Use 5 physical factors to improve your presence and feel self-confidence.
  • Combine 7 psychological elements to create a persuasive message.
  • The 2 important simple skills that anchor leadership presence in your body.
  • Resonate & project your voice tone to command attention.
  • Sit in council with other powerful leaders.
  • When and how to speak from gravitas to bring value to a situation.
  • Step into the skin of a leader through a transformational mind/body exercise.
  • Practice speaking leadership messages while holding a state of gravitas.

Phone and Virtual Leadership Coaching Fees:
(Individual Coaching Fees)

  • $300.00 per one-hour session.
  • $1,800.00 for 8 one-hour sessions.
  • $2,600.00 for 12 one-hour sessions.

Receive individual leadership training in person or by telephone or video conferencing from anywhere in the world! Virtual coaching for leadership presence and gravitas is quite effective!

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