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Group Speaking Training to Improve Public Speaking & Presentation Skills - Course

Do you freeze up, tense up when you speak to groups?
Can you share your ideas and expertise easily in meetings?
If you could speak from your heart in groups and presentations, how would it transform your life?

We facilitate a nurturing process to build good communication skills where you discover your natural abilities to speak authentically in groups, meetings and presentations.

Our presentation skill and group public speaking classes and programs offer a step-by-step approach to develop a style of speaking that is based on being who you are, rather than who you think you should be.

Our Zimmer Method approach to speaking in public is different from traditional approaches. We don't just teach mechanical speaking skills or provide a public speaking tip. We free you up to be present, comfortable and genuine in front of others. You learn to show up with a powerful and authentic presence that frees your self-expression, so you improve public speaking significantly.

In a supportive environment, we guide you to relax and open up to public speaking from your authentic and most brilliant self. You learn to flow your thoughts and words freely and to speak from passion. Most participants tell us that this is just what they needed to develop their confidence and build better communication skills. Our group speaking programs include:

Summary of Group Public Speaking Courses:

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Sandra Zimmer Method Public Speaking Experience – Course

You have the potential to be a star at speaking even if you have stage fright or fear of public speaking! You have an abundance of feelings and emotions that can fuel your ability to speak from your heart with passion. You simply need to learn to unfreeze the flow of your natural emotions and tap into them to energize your speech.

The Sandra Zimmer Method Public Speaking Experience teaches you to unlock your natural passion and channel it into your speech. In a completely supportive and non-critical atmosphere, you learn to convert public speaking fear and anxiety into excitement to share your ideas and expertise in groups.

Public speaking anxiety is really about not feeling safe and comfortable at the center of attention. In public speaking fear, intense inner thoughts and feelings are distracting you from communicating fluidly. Most public speaking courses help you organize and deliver speeches, but they don't address the real solution for public speaking anxiety.

The Sandra Zimmer Method communication course gets to the real solution by teaching you to feel present, safe and comfortable at the center of attention before you learn to speak. Sandra then guides you step-by-step to develop a style of public speaking that is based on being who you are, instead of who you think you should be. The result is that you feel free to shine when you speak in groups, meetings and presentations just by being yourself!

Sandra has taught her Zimmer Method public speaking course to thousands of professionals, including engineers, architects, doctors, lawyers, IT specialists, financial experts, marketing and salespersons, teachers and therapists. Participants have been CEOs, presidents, vice-presidents, directors, managers, entrepreneurs and individual contributors and consultants. Let her teach it to you too!

What you learn to do:

  • Become comfortable in your skin at the center of attention
  • Transform stage fright and fear of public speaking into excitement to share stories and ideas
  • Relax into a vibrant presence that holds attention of others
  • Make genuine connection with listeners, being with them, not talking at them
  • Uncover your personal and professional stories
  • Use your stories to make talks and messages compelling and persuasive
  • Think on your feet and allow your speech to flow
  • Create brief but compelling talks with minimal preparation
  • Speak from your heart

Who will benefit from The Sandra Zimmer Method Public Speaking Experience?

  • Professionals who want to speak authentically in groups, meetings and presentations
  • Leaders who feel held back from achieving their full potential by public speaking anxiety
  • Thought leaders who have an important message to deliver to the world
  • Introverts and highly sensitive people who have deep insight and wisdom to share
  • Competent presenters who want vibrant presence, deeper connection and emotional impact
  • Anyone who wants to feel confident, fully present and in flow when speaking to groups

3 Formats for the Sandra Zimmer Method Public Speaking Experience Courses

  • 8-Week Course - Full version allows you to learn a little at a time over 8 Monday nights, giving you plenty of time to absorb and practice. Meets 7 - 9:30 pm. $1500
  • 2-Saturday Workshop - Abbreviated format allows a week between sessions so you can absorb for a week before returning for the second half. Meets 9:30 am - 3 pm both Saturdays. $695
  • 3-Day Weekend Workshop - Allows for an immersive learning experience and for participants to travel from other cities and states. Meets Friday from 2 - 6pm, Saturday 10 am - 3 pm, Sunday from 10 am - 2 pm. $895

Read Participant's Comments and Results

Watch Videos of Class Talks and Testimonials

Watch Sandra Zimmer facilitate a volunteer in front of a live audience.

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Public Speaking to Strengthen Leadership Presence

This 8-week public speaking course teaches you to speak with the presence of a leader. Sandra Zimmer guides you to relax into the state of presence at the center of attention and teaches you how to speak authentically for groups, meetings and presentations. You'll learn to tap into the passion of your spirit to inspire others to be and give their best. You'll experience the power of radiating a strong leadership presence and the pleasure of shining as a speaker and leader.

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You learn how to:

  • Relax into your body for the ease of natural presence
  • Be comfortable at the center of attention
  • Feel confidence in yourself and your ideas
  • Develop an authentic leadership presence
  • Connect genuinely to hold other's attention
  • Share your ideas, insights and expertise in engaging ways
  • Find and tell your golden leadership stories to enliven your messages
  • Create brief but compelling leadership talks that you think on your feet

Benefits of this Course:

  • Catapult your confidence as a speaker and leader so you have more impact
  • Raise your visibility to increase respect from co-workers, clients and senior leaders
  • Establish a warm authority so others sense your power and respond respectfully
  • Be at ease interacting with senior leaders and executives
  • Increase your potential for promotions

"Sandra, somehow through your own style, you calmed everyone's nerves and gave them the confidence to reach beyond what they thought they could do..In some cases the power of the transformation was such that you seemed almost like a miracle worker!"
- Maura Dunn, COO of KBR Infrastructure Americas

Find out if Public Speaking to Strengthen Leadership Presence is right for you. Call 281-293-7070 or fill out a Complementary Coaching Call Request and Sandra will contact you to discuss.

Meets 8-weeks for one night per week from 7 PM to 9:30 PM

Limited to 8 participants.

Class Fee: $1400

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Cultivate Gravitas for Leadership Presence

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This transformational program will teach you to develop your own leadership presence and persona. Learn to step into the role of a leader who exudes gravitas. As a participant, you will explore 5 physical factors that help you cultivate gravitas – weight, time, space, voice and movement.

You learn how to:

  • Integrate the five physical factors to impact your communication style and cause you to exhibit gravitas
  • Hold the center of attention through grounding your body for presence
  • Resonate your voice tone to command more attention
  • Step into the skin of a leader who possesses gravitas through a transformational acting exercise
  • Practice thinking and speaking key messages while holding a state of gravitas.

Through the process of this course you will not only understand what gravitas is, but you will experience it in a bodily-felt way. As a result, you will own the characteristic of gravitas and empower your leadership presence.

Watch Video - Sandra Zimmer on Cultivating Gravitas & Leadership Presence

Meets 8 weeks, one night per week from 7-9:30 pm.

Limited to 7 participants.

Class Fee: $2,400

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All group speaking classes programs meet at Self-Expression Center, 11221 Richmond Avenue, Building C, Suite 104, Houston, TX 77082.

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Read and watch testimonials and class talks from past participants.

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Toasmaster event video still with Bryce Adams
Video - Sandra Zimmer guides a volunteer speaker, Bryce Adams, to Transform Stage Fright Tension & Nerves Live

Doc Ken telling a story in Telling Stories; Sharing Wisdom class.
Doc Ken telling a story in Telling Stories; Sharing Wisdom class.

Sandra and Telling Stories participants applaud a story.
Sandra and Telling Stories participants applaud a story.

“I had to speak in front of about 30 people that were very high ranking in my company and I was applauded. I went around the room prior to speaking and shook hands with each person which helped me to connect with each one of them. That helped me out greatly in my speaking. I feel so wonderful about the experience now and feel like I can move on to do more things. Thanks!!! ”


-- Joan Smith, CPA Shell Oil Company

Tiffani takes her class on a journey.
Tiffani takes her class on a journey.

Speaking group is captivated by a classmate.
Speaking group is captivated by a classmate.


“Sandra, please accept my joy and excitement “the day after“ your weekend Turning stage fright into Dynamic Presence workshop. It was everything I was looking for and more. You have found a way to make it possible for me to find and be with the power that I have. Part way through the workshop I began to feel a presence or strength in my upper abdomen that is still with me. It's solid like a rod or column of a building that supports me, but also has a pure energy quality to it. This presence will be a constant reminder that I can and do connect with others in powerful ways.”


-- B G, Safety & Environmental Specialist

Attorney Michael inspires his classmates.
Attorney Michael inspires his classmates.