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Public Speaking Class Talks and Client Testimonials

Videos of Group Speaking Participants

Allow me to create a context for watching the following client videos. These speakers were group speaking participants who all started their programs with some degree of public speaking anxiety. These talks were all improvised in front of their classes with only 5-6 minutes of preparation. There were no scripts, notes, rehearsals or practices, and no second takes! Our goal for successful speaking was not to be perfect; but to be real, present, connected and compelling. So, I encourage you to look for presence, comfort, connection, flow of speech, authenticity and storytelling rather than for perfect, polished speeches.

All have given permission for these to appear on my website.

Testimonial Videos

These videos and audios are clients speaking about their experience in Sandra Zimmer Method group speaking programs or private coaching sessions.

View Class Talks

Class talks

Speaker: Layton

Speaker: Ada

Speaker: Lorena

Speaker: Bill

Speaker: Shelly

Speaker: Zee

View Testimonial Talks

Testimonial Videos

Student: Alex

Student: Ashish

Student: Christopher

Student: Majeed

Student: Mark

Student: Nora

Student: Sam

Student: Yuri

Student: Sam

Student: Jose

Student: Mitzi


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