Voice & Diction Training and Accent Reduction

A beautiful speaking voice enhances your ability to communicate with and influence others. Other people make unconscious decisions about whether to trust and believe you based on the strength and tone of your voice as well as how well you pronounce the sounds of English.

Master Voice Teacher, Sandra Zimmer, guides you through vocal training that amplifies your confidence! Don't envy a great voice, have one! Let Sandra show you how to have a great voice.

Self-Expression Center Voice Training Programs with Sandra Zimmer

Speaking Voice Training

Unpleasant voice qualities such as nasality, throatiness or shrillness can cause listeners to disregard your message. A strong voice commands attention, increasing your presence. A rich, resonant voice tone compels others to respond positively. Learn to develop a strong speaking voice with a rich, resonant tone. Read more on Speaking Voice Training.

Diction & Enunciation Training

Poor diction, known as mumbling, diminishes your impact on listeners. Good diction (proper pronunciation of the consonant sounds of English) allows others to understand you clearly. Learn to pronounce the sounds of American English so that your speech is clear and easy to understand. Read more on Diction Training.

Accent Reduction Programs

Global professionals who are in roles that require speaking English for business often have a strong grasp of the English language, but heavy accents may interfere with their ability to be clearly understood when communicating crucial information. Learn to correctly pronounce the specific sounds of English that give you a heavy accent so you can be more easily understood when you speak English. Find out more on Accent Reduction Programs.

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Sandra coaches Pegge Bogle of Pierpont Communications
Sandra coaches Pegge Bogle of Pegge Bogle Communications

"Learning to be comfortable as the center of attention has improved my business confidence in both small gatherings and in front of groups. But what really changed my speaking skills for the better was learning to think on my feet by telling stories, asking questions, and “stringing these beads together” to make interesting presentations."

"I want to thank you for teaching me to challenge and overcome my fears through the “Stage Fright/Natural Presence” class and then practicing what I learned with the follow-up session, “Telling Stories/Sharing Wisdom.” Not only were these two classes valuable to my career because they gave me new insight into how I function and respond when called upon to speak, they validated perceptions about myself ..."

--Pegge Bogle, Senior VP at Pierpont Communications

"The diction sessions for
foreign-born professionals were pretty helpful. i am more confident that listeners understand what I say when speaking English."

-- Scott Schu, Engineer
Baker Hughes

“ Your gentle style was just the right thing for me. You taught me that I have a good voice and now I feel confident to express myself in situations where I would have held back before. ”

-- Rosmond Davis, Stay at Home Mom