The Zimmer Method to Transform Stage Fright & Fear of Public Speaking

Don't just overcome stage fright or fear of public speaking, transform it into passion to share your ideas, insights, expertise & talents to make a difference in the world! It's your time to shine!

Stage Fright is a Sign you are Sensitive!

If you have stage fright and fear of public speaking, you have the potential to be among the most compelling and engaging presenters, performers or communicators. Because you have the feelings! In stage fright, your feelings are up to the surface where they can be used to create an authentic emotional connection with listeners.

Sandra Zimmer Really Can Help Overcome Stage Fright and Fear of Public Speaking

Sandra Zimmer has become the world's leading expert on stage fright and fear of public speaking. For over twenty years she has guided thousands of business professionals and performing artists not just to overcome stage fright, but to transform their stage fright tensions into presence and passionate expression, so they feel free to share their ideas, insights, expertise and talents with the world. Sandra has a gentle way of drawing out each person's unique ability to express himself. She has helped engineers, architects, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, consultants, teachers, corporate executives, marketing directors, sales people, oil and gas employees, TV personalities, actors, singers, musicians, IT specialists, industrial supervisors and so many more. She can help you too! Read what clients have said. (link to what people have said)

The Zimmer Method

Sandra Zimmer's method is truly a revolutionary approach to this frustrating issue. The Zimmer Method is a proven series of exercises led in a supportive atmosphere that release the tension out of your body and allow you to feel comfortable in your skin in front of others. Once you get the tension out of the way, you feel a new confidence, and you are filled with a passion to share yourself and make a difference.

Through the progressive steps in the Zimmer Method you learn to develop a style of speaking or performing that is authentic to you, based on being who you are rather than who you think you should be. When you are free to express who you are, your natural talents and gifts emerge and life has a way of bringing incredible opportunities to you!

What you can learn to do:

  • Release stage fright and fear of public speaking
  • Be comfortable in your skin in front of others
  • Experience authentic presence
  • Capture and hold attention
  • Create connection and chemistry with others
  • Think on your feet in front of others
  • Find your own personal and professional stories
  • Use stories to be more personal, engaging and persuasive
  • Free your body to express fully
  • Organize thoughts and ideas to create a compelling message
  • Let your thoughts, feelings and insights flow
  • Speak or perform with passion

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